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Respect the Bean

Established in 2021 located in Oxford Ohio, we are a family owned business with a true passion and art behind coffee.  We care deeply about the quality and taste of each cup and are proud to be involved in the whole coffee making process — from sourcing the best beans to roasting.  Each cup of Aulie's coffee brings out the unique flavors and aromas that is characteristic to specialty coffee.  We can’t wait to welcome you in for a comforting cup of coffee!

Our story starts with our name.  Aulie's Coffee is named after our Son - Pasquale "Aulie" Alexander Ketron.  We wanted to name a true passion of ours after our perfect Son and establish a true Mission behind what we do.  As a strong family, our number one priority is giving back.  That is why, we established a partnership with Compassion International to provide a portion of our sold coffee proceeds to sponsor Children/Families in need of financial assistance.

We look forward in providing you with the best cup of coffee and knowing that each sip has a story!

-Aulie's Coffee

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